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    • Specifications

    Fully automatic (canned) filling machine–YCJS-2B2
    The equipment is re-developed and designed according to the needs of market development and on the basis of practice, and conforms to the national GMP standard. The machine integrates the latest concept of European packaging technology, and the design is more reasonable, simpler and stronger. It can automatically complete the tasks of feeding cans, measuring, filling, and waste discharge. It is suitable for filling powder and granular materials, such as milk powder, monosodium glutamate, solid beverages, grape glutinous rice, rice noodles, etc.
    Fully Automatic Powder/Rice Flour/Solid Beverage Canned Single-head Weighing Filling Machine YCJS-2B2

    Main Features

    ·Program modular design, PLC control system, man-machine interface, working mode is clear at a glance, all parameters can be added to the program module for later use.
    ·Use cans or bottle-shaped containers for packaging, and configure an automatic can feeding system, which can realize no bottle, no bottle, no canning.
    ·With the functions of weight out-of-tolerance alarm, fault alarm prompt and waste discharge, every can must be inspected, and every bottle of unqualified products will not be missed to ensure the qualified rate of products.
    ·The whole machine is simple in structure, reasonable in layout, quick to change packaging varieties, and extremely convenient for cleaning and sanitation.
    ·Adopt the specific gravity feedback tracking and high-speed reaction clutch brake to drive the screw, which greatly improves the packaging precision and packaging speed.
    ·Mechanical stability and durability, low failure rate.

    Main Parameters

    1.Measuring method: spiral rotation filling type
    2. Container size: cylindrical container φ76—130mm (replace the mold)
    Height 100-200mm
    3. Filling weight: 100—900g (change screw attachment)
    4. Packaging accuracy: ≤±2-5g (depending on the packaging weight and material characteristics)
    5. Packing speed: 20-25 cans/min (depending on the packaging weight, material characteristics
    properties, container diameter, etc.)
    6. Material box volume: 50L
    7. Power supply: three-phase 380V 50Hz
    8. Machine power: 2.2KW
    9. Machine weight: 450Kg

    Configuration List

    1.PLC: Siemens, Germany
    2. Touch screen: Siemens, Germany
    3. Filling servo motor: TECO, Taiwan
    4. Filling servo driver: TECO, Taiwan
    5. Filling machine stirring motor: Taiwan CPG maintenance-free gear motor
    6. Filling machine stirring chain: Hangzhou Donghua Chain Group
    7. Rotary servo motor: Japan Panasonic
    8. Rotary servo motor driver: Japan Panasonic
    9. Turntable reducer: Zhejiang Huaxing/Taizhou Deli
    10. Conveyor belt motor: Zhejiang Huaxing/Taizhou Deli
    11. Circuit Breaker: French Schneider
    12. Contactor: French Schneider
    13. Intermediate relay: French Schneider
    14. Thermal overload: French Schneider
    15. Cylinder: AirTAC Taiwan
    16. Solenoid valve: AirTAC Taiwan
    17. Oil-water separator: AirTAC Taiwan
    18. Material level sensor switch: Korea Autonics
    19. Silo safety sensor switch: Germany bedook
    20. Photoelectric detection sensor switch: Germany bedook
    21. Load Cell: (Switzerland/USA) METTLER TOLEDO

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