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    YCJS-S3 Screw Conveyor
    The vibrating screw feeder can lift a variety of powder and granular materials. It can be matched with a packaging machine to realize automatic feeding of material level tracking, and can also be used alone in other occasions. Except for the motor, bearing and frame, the rest are made of stainless steel.
    Automatic Round Bucket Vibrating Screw Conveyor Feeder Bulk Handling Equipment YCJS-S3 Manufacturer

    Main Features

    ·Using the high-quality and stable vibration motor to generate the vibration of the material box, thus avoiding the bridging of materials with poor fluidity, the amplitude is adjustable, and the excitation efficiency is high.
    ·The split-type modular design of the spiral material pipe and the vibrating powder hopper makes the machine run more smoothly and disassemble and assemble more conveniently.
    ·The end seat of the screw is fixed by a clamp, which is convenient for taking out the whole screw when disassembling, which is convenient for cleaning and maintenance.
    ·The interface between the powder hopper and the screw is connected by a clamp, and the disassembly is quick and easy.
    ·Sensor and intelligent control circuit can be installed to perform functions such as material level control, automatic feeding or overload alarm.
    ·Unique dust-proof design, the bearing is not polluted by dust.
    ·No dead angle, easy to clean up the residual material. The screw can be reversed for discharging, and there is a gate at the lower end of the material tube for discharging, and the whole screw can be easily taken out.
    ·This product is widely used in milk powder, food, medicine, feed, chemical, plastic and building materials and other industries.

    Technical Parameter

    1. Conveying capacity: 2-3m³/h’
    2. Pipe diameter: φ114
    3. Silo volume: 230L
    4. Feed height: 950mm
    5. Discharge height: 2200mm
    6. Power supply: 380V 50Hz 7. Machine power: 1.5KW

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