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    • Specifications

    Automatic Round Glass Bottle Washer Sterilizer Wine/Liquor/Water/Juice Bottle Cleaning Washing Machine
    Automatic bottle washing machine is suitable for wine, fruit wine, liquor, etc.
    The machine has a reasonable design, a rigorous structure, and a closed type to ensure that it is not polluted during the process. It is various liquors and wines. Ideal equipment for fruit wineries. Based on the digestion and absorption of Italian advanced technology, it is carefully developed. Compared with other similar products, the advantages are:
    1. The rinsing speed is fast, and the rinsing speed of this machine can reach 3000 bottles/hour. Save time and labor. Frequency conversion speed regulation can be adjusted arbitrarily according to needs.
    2. With flushing channel, water consumption is small.
    3. The water divider valve strictly controls the time of rinsing and controlling the bottle to ensure that the bottle is rinsed clean and there is no water in the bottle after the bottle is controlled.
    4. Electric height adjustment, simple operation.
    5. The range of applicable bottles is large. Except for special shaped bottles, most regular bottle types can be applied.
    6. The advanced clamping jaws are processed precisely, work reliably, and have a long service life.
    7. All parts are equipped with limit devices, which will automatically shut down in case of failure to protect the equipment from damage.
    Main Technical Parameters
    1. Th production efficiency: 3000 bottles/hour
    2. Applicable bottle mouth diameter: Φ22―32 mm
    3. Applicable bottle height: 120-360 mm
    4. Applicable bottleneck: Φ40-100 mm
    5. Main motor power: 1.1kw 380v
    6. Lifting motor power: 0.37kw 380v

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