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    • Specifications

    Automatic Turntable Pet/Plastic/Round Beverage/Drinking/Empty Bottle Unscrambler Machine For Packing Line
    It is suitable for automatic transmission of round bottles, such as the conveyor belt connected to the filling machine, which can automatically feed the bottles to improve efficiency; the bottle conveying speed is 10-20 bottles/min, and the speed can be steplessly adjusted to facilitate production arrangements.
    Working Principle
    ◆ The glass turntable of the unscrambler drives the product to rotate;
    ◆ The product is close to the edge of the glass turntable under the fluctuation of the unscrambler plate;
    ◆ Products are led out orderly along the unscrambler slot of the unscrambler.
    Technical Parameter
    ◆ Applicable product diameter (for round bottles) and height: diameter: about φ63mm height: 80mm~120mm
    ◆ Power (w): 120-200W
    ◆ Equipment dimensions (mm): about 1100×1000×1200mm
    Main Configuration List

    NO Name Brand Picture
    1 Governor WTW/domestic brand Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Governor
    2 Electrical buttons Schneider Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Electrical Buttons

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