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Vacuum Packaging Machine Can Effectively Extend The Shelf Life Of Food

6 12 月, 2021

Fast food products are convenient to eat and are very popular with modern consumers. There are two main packaging methods for fast food products, one is plastic packaging, and the other is vacuum packaging, which is very important for extending the shelf life of food In terms of the vacuum packaging machine, what kind of instant products are suitable for vacuum packaging machine? How long can the vacuum packaging machine extend its shelf life? In response to these doubts, we will explore together.
Regarding the categories of fast food products, they are currently mainly divided into these categories.
One type is convenience foods in plastic packaging. For example, instant noodles, snail noodles, instant rice noodles and other fast food products are packaged in either ordinary sealed bags or drums in plastic packaging. In addition to the seasoning powder package, there are seasoning sauce packages and side dish packages, etc. The packaging methods used for these side dish packages are generally vacuum packaging.
The other type is the use of boxed products. This kind of product generally adopts modified atmosphere vacuum packaging. Modified atmosphere vacuum packaging adds an inflation function to the vacuum packaging machine. The filled gas is generally divided into three types of gases: nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. According to different foods According to the packaging requirements, these three gases can be added in different proportions to achieve the effect of keeping food fresh. For example, the braised duck neck, Mei Cai buckle meat, and eight-treasure rice products we eat on weekdays are all used in this style. Package.
In addition to these two types of products, there is also a type of self-heating convenience food. The outer packaging is box-type plastic packaging, and the inner package is vacuum packaging. This kind of self-heating convenience food is different from ordinary convenience food in the way of eating. Ordinary convenience food is brewed in boiling water, while this kind of self-heating food uses a heating bag for heating, but What they have in common is the side dish bag inside, which is vacuum-packed.
How long can vacuum packaging extend the shelf life? This mainly depends on the packaging method of the food. If the product is directly vacuum packaged, it needs to go through high temperature disinfection, and then it can reach the shelf life of more than half a year. For the modified atmosphere vacuum packaged product, the main purpose is to lock the original juice of the food. The original flavor, so the shelf life will be shortened, the packaged products are generally transported by cold chain, and the shelf life can generally reach about 7-10 days.
With the rapid development of modern technology today, people’s desire to eat is not only reflected in the simple desire to fill their stomachs, but also in the pursuit of a healthy concept, and they are faced with all kinds of food categories, vacuum The packaging machine industry is also constantly innovating, working hard to develop new packaging technologies, and these new technologies will slowly be added to the new vacuum packaging machine models, and the future vacuum packaging machine market will move towards It will develop in a more intelligent direction, and in the near future, the realization of unmanned automated production will become a reality. Let us look forward to it together!

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