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5 Debugging Steps Of Soda Production Line

10 12 月, 2021

Before installing the soda production line, first check whether the accompanying technical documents (instructions, maintenance manuals, etc.) are complete, and whether the equipment is damaged during transportation, so that it can be handled in a timely manner. Install and adjust the paper feed unit and paper output unit according to the outline drawing in the accompanying manual. Add new lubricant at each lubrication point. Use the crank handle or panel to manually control the equipment to test the equipment, check whether the equipment is running in the correct direction (counterclockwise when facing the motor shaft), and the equipment must be grounded. In addition, after installation, you can debug it in the following aspects before you can continue to use it.
1. Because the soda production line is a fully automatic machine, the dimensions of easy-pull bottles, bottle pads and bottle caps must be uniform.
2. Before starting production, be sure to use the panel manual mode (jog/handle joystick) to test the equipment to see if its rotation is abnormal, and then start production after confirming that it is normal.
3. When adjusting the equipment, please use appropriate tools. It is forbidden to use too many tools, remove the parts with too much force, and do not knock the parts too hard to prevent damage to the equipment parts or affect the performance of the equipment.
4. When adjusting the equipment, please be sure to tighten the loose screws and turn the equipment with the crank handle to see if the action meets the requirements, and then resume production.
5. Be sure to keep the equipment clean. It is forbidden to leave oil, chemical liquid or glass fragments on the equipment to prevent damage to the equipment. The cleaning method is as follows:
(1) The equipment must be kept clean during the production process. Dirt such as broken glass should be dealt with in time.
(2) Clean the surface of the equipment once before shifting gears, and add the correct label to the lubrication position of each moving part and clean the lubricating oil.
(3) The soda production line should be wiped once a week, especially where it is difficult to clean or blow with compressed air during normal application.

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