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Analysis Of Filling Equipment In Soda Production Line

13 4 月, 2023

Atmospheric pressure filling machine in the soda production line: many beverages, such as juice, milk drinks, and syrup in soda refilling, which do not contain carbon dioxide themselves, usually use an atmospheric filling machine. The normal pressure filling machine is generally composed of a filling system, a bottle inlet and outlet structure, a lifting bottle structure, an operation table, a transmission device, etc., and is used to fill liquids that do not include gas. This type of filling machine is usually a rotary type.
Under the influence of the transmission device, the rotating shaft pulls the turntable and the quantitative cup to rotate together, and the liquid material is poured into the quantitative cup from the storage cylinder through the pipeline by weight. Under the influence of the cam, the bottle holder pulls the bottle up. When the bottle mouth supports the gland plate and continues to rise and the spring shrinks, the slide valve slides on the inner hole of the movable measuring cup this time. Along with the rotation of the rotating shaft, the measuring cup that has been measured has turned away from the bottom of the feeding tube and entered the filling position. When the slide valve rises and the liquid inlet hole is opened, the liquid material is injected into the bottle, and the gas in the bottle is discharged from the four grooves on the lower surface of the gland plate to complete a bottle filling operation. As the turntable rotates, the dosing cups enter the lower side in turn to realize the dosing operation, and when they turn away from the dosing position and enter the filling position, they continue to fill bottles, so the cycle continues to work. Negative pressure filling machine in soda production line: it is often called vacuum filling machine. This type of filling method is to keep the storage tank at normal pressure. When the soda production line is filling, it only pumps air into the bottle to create a vacuum. The poor effect is injected into the bottle to realize filling. It is mainly used for liquid filling without gas, such as juice. Because it is filled under vacuum, the filling is stopped when the bottle is broken, which can reduce the loss.

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