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What Is The Most Important Thing About Bottled Water Production Line

26 4 月, 2023

Now bottled water has become an important choice in our daily life, so what is crucial to bottled water? Except for its water source, that is the production and processing equipment, so how to properly use the bottled water production line equipment? Since proper operation is always important to the vast majority of equipment, it reduces equipment failures due to operator error. For the bottled water production line, proper operating procedures also have such important significance.
The operation of the bottled water production line is mainly divided into manual and intelligent automation parts. For manual operation, the power supply should be plugged in first, and the air switch in the equipment server should be closed. If the power indicator light is on, it proves that the equipment is in the open state. Secondly, it is necessary to check whether the raw water inlet valve and all valves are fully open, and turn on the water inlet control switch of the production line to make it work together with the water inlet solenoid valve and the raw water valve. After 5 seconds, turn on the control switch of the primary water system, turn on the primary high-pressure water pump, turn on the secondary water control switch after 3 seconds, and start the secondary high-pressure water pump. In the current era of rapid development of intelligence, its production not only greatly improves work efficiency, but also saves costs to a large extent. The automatic operation procedure of the bottled water production line is to plug in the power supply, and then check the equipment. After the equipment is normal, the control switch of the bottled water production line can be turned on, and the equipment will run automatically, which is more intelligent. Start the raw water pump of the equipment, so that the raw water enters the pretreatment system, and it will automatically start up when the water reaches a low water level, and complete the function of automatic operation of the barreled water filling production line.

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