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3 Factors Affecting The Accuracy Of Beverage Filling Machine

3 12 月, 2021

Beverage filling machine is one of the mechanical equipment that can realize automatic production in beverage production enterprises. The equipment is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry and other industries. Our company has many years of experience in the production of this product, and has a deep understanding of this type of product. Here are a few factors that affect the filling accuracy of this type of equipment.
1. Error caused by temperature
Oil, water, liquid milk, etc. have a certain density at room temperature, and the density will also change after the temperature changes. The quality of the same volume of oil will not be the same, but the difference is within the allowable error and should be packaged The possible error range is indicated on the above.
2. The influence of the flow meter
In the filling control system of a beverage filling machine, flow detection is generally realized through various flow meters. The basic error of the flowmeter is obtained under standard working conditions. In the specific application process, because the field application conditions usually deviate from the standard working conditions, additional errors are unavoidable. Therefore, the field application error of the flowmeter should be the basic error of the flowmeter. Combination with additional error. When choosing a flow meter, try to choose products with small errors and high accuracy as much as possible to avoid errors caused by the instrument as much as possible.
3. The impact of the filling system
Today’s beverage filling machines are all intelligent development, usually by the filling system to control the entire filling process, the filling speed and accuracy to a large extent also depend on the analysis and operation of the filling system.

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