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How To Solve The Problem Of Uneven Filling Amount Of Automatic Filling Machine

23 6 月, 2022

In today’s era of relatively advanced technology, various industries in the market are developing rapidly. Among them, the packaging industry has ushered in a good development prospect. Various packaging equipment continues to appear in the market to meet the needs of various product packaging and packaging. There are many kinds of equipment, and there are different equipments such as filling capacity, output, packaging method, etc. Its automatic filling machine is also a kind of packaging equipment. When we use the filling machine equipment, the uneven filling volume is a common problem in operation. How can we solve the problem of uneven filling volume? .
During the use of the automatic filling machine, if a similar phenomenon occurs, the equipment should be checked. First, check whether there is side leakage at the joints of various parts of the automatic filling machine. If side leakage is found, re-lock each joint. Then check whether the piston cylinder of the automatic filling machine is leaking. If this is a problem, just replace a sealing ring.
However, if it is not the problem of the leakage of the piston cylinder of the automatic filling machine, it is necessary to consider whether the filling material is insufficient, and then the material must be added. It may also be caused by the speed of the automatic filling machine sucking and pushing materials, then the solution is to readjust the front and rear valves of the cylinder to achieve a stable state. In addition, the viscosity of the material is also a very important factor, because if this is not uniform, it will also cause uneven filling, so it must be controlled.

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