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Classification Of Automatic Filling Machines

13 6 月, 2022

Filling machinery and equipment have a wide range of applications in the market and play a vital role in our daily life to meet the filling and packaging needs of various products, and are widely used in the food industry, beverage industry, daily chemical industry, chemical industry industry, pharmaceutical industry and other major industries. Automatic filling machine is also a large category in the packaging field, but different products require different automatic filling machine equipment, so how much do you know about the classification of automatic filling machines, and how to choose from many filling equipment?
What are the classifications of automatic filling machines?
Automatic filling machine can be divided into: liquid filling machine, sauce filling machine, paste filling machine, granule filling machine, powder filling machine, etc. according to filling materials.
According to the degree of automation, it can be divided into: automatic filling machine and semi-automatic filling machine.
According to the filling method, it can be divided into: flowmeter filling machine, weighing filling machine, self-flow filling machine, plunger filling machine, etc.

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