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The Specific Operation Steps Of The Soda Production Line

14 7 月, 2022

There are many types of soda drinks on the market. Soda drinks are those that are rich in a small amount of gas and whose components are above 1.0. The gas in it is generally carbon dioxide, and some solutions contain oxygen and other gases. , Many of this soda are bottled water by adding corresponding oxygen, and the water added with oxygen is actually oxygen-enriched water.
Oxygen-enriched water processing uses a mixing system to infiltrate the solution in the gas. The soda beverage packaging bottles on the market include glass bottles, plastic products, cans and other types of packaging. Soda drinks are processed by blending water and many raw materials. The content of water in the drink reaches more than 90%. The soda drink is prepared by a set of special adjustment systems. Sugar is also added to the drink. It is difficult to dissolve in water, and the use of hot steam can dissolve the sugar in the water as soon as possible, thereby generating syrup. The blending tank is also used in the blending tank. The blending tank also has the function of automatic stirring. It can mix the white sugar, additives, caramel color, cyclamate, etc. added during the adjustment, and then blend it, and then filter and clean it through a double filter. . The temperature of soda drinks is too high, which is not conducive to its mixing with carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide used to make drinks is food-grade gas, which is filtered before use. In order to increase the carbon dioxide of drinks, a chiller is used to reduce the temperature of drinks Drop, carbonated beverages, chillers use multiple compressors, multiple imported compressors, good cooling effect and high efficiency. Use with a plate heat exchanger to accelerate the cooling effect. The coils in the inner layer can better transmit the temperature to the rest of the place.

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