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Cleaning System Of Steam Water Production Line

29 11 月, 2022

CIP is the abbreviation of (washing and positioning) in – place cleaning. It is defined as a method of cleaning the surface in contact with food by using high temperature and high concentration cleaning liquid to have a strong effect on the equipment without dismantling or moving the cleaning device of the steam water production line.
Therefore, CIP can be brushed, cleaned and sterilized without dismantling mechanical devices and pipelines. It is a kind of optimization and improvement of cleaning management technology that can scientifically and reasonably handle the relationship between washing, cleaning, sterilization, economy and resource saving in the cleaning process of the soda water production line. CIP equipment is more suitable for multi pipeline sterilizing mechanical devices in direct contact with fluid materials. If juice drinks, dairy products, concentrated fruit juices, and soybean milk are cleaned in situ (CIP cleaning), it is a widely used method for soda production line manufacturers and is a guarantee of product quality. The purpose of cleaning is to remove the residues on the equipment and pipe wall to ensure that the sanitary standards are met. Under normal circumstances, it must be cleaned once after 6~8h of continuous use. When necessary, if it is found that the production efficiency is significantly reduced, it should be cleaned immediately. The purpose of cleaning is to remove the stains attached to the machine to prevent microorganisms from breeding in it. To remove stains, the cleaning system must be able to provide the level of cleaning required to get rid of pollutants. There are three sources of the cleaning capacity of the soda water production line, namely, the movement energy generated during the flow of the cleaning solution, the chemical energy generated from the cleaning agent, and the heat energy in the cleaning solution. These three abilities have complementary effects. At the same time, the level factor is related to the time factor. Under the same conditions, the longer the washing time is, the better the actual washing effect will be.

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