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Production Steps Of Juice Production Line

8 12 月, 2022

The production of fruit juice production line relates to fruit juice made from raw fruit. Before the application of the original fruit, it must be classified to remove the bad fruit. Usually, it is selected manually. Most of the fruits that can be used can be selected if they are damaged or cannot be used in a large area. It can also be selected by mechanical equipment to select and classify the seriously damaged fruits. Like grapes, blueberries have root stalks on the top. Such stalks have no effect when used. At the same time, they are very easy to affect juice drinks. The components of blueberry are relatively soft and contain more liquid components. The components of blueberry juice are higher than those of blueberry juice. The utilization rate of blueberry juice for making turbid juice drinks is high. The components of blueberry are relatively soft. Therefore, such processing is usually carried out in the form of squeezing or pulping.
The fruit juice production line is to filter the raw mulberry juice obtained after the processing of the raw fruit. 304 stainless steel filter is selected for filtering, and then through the temporary storage tank, the non NFC fruit juice also needs to be prepared. The preparation system is composed of several cans and equipment. Because the beverage is too sweet, the diluted fruit juice must be added with sugar and additives, The sugar melting tank must be heated by steam before it can be rapidly decomposed. It is equipped with a vaporized sugar tank or an electrically heated sugar melting tank with heating effect. The syrup obtained is poured into a sanitary mixing tank. The motor with high-speed mixing effect is selected for preparation. During the mixing process, raw juice, sugar, and other essence and spices are added. The juice is generated by mixing for a short time. The filtration is carried out through this duplex filtration, and high-pressure homogenization is carried out in the next stage, Let the contents of the juice be suspended in the liquid in a more balanced way, and then remove the oxygen through the vacuum degasser to increase the shelf life.

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