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Bottled Water Production Line Filling Steps

17 11 月, 2022

The bottled water production line is made of stainless steel as a whole, with reasonable structure, easy operation and accurate operation. It is an ideal facility for the current bottled water production line. The capping machine of the automatic bottled water production line: it is used to transfer the untreated empty barrels to the capping brushing machine by means of manual or machine placement.
The capping card reader automatically recognizes the existence of the barrel with the help of light control induction, and the capping grabber shrinks and grabs the bottle cap by itself, and then falls into the set cap collector after grabbing. After the bottle caps are collected and balanced, they can be sterilized in the barrel and reused many times, which greatly reduces the cost. Fully automatic barrel brushing machine: transport the removed empty barrels with steel and then enter the fully automatic inner and outer barrel brushing machine, and use a brush to remove the residual pollutants inside and outside. The rotating brush is used to rotate at high speed, the brush is made of soft materials, and the brush barrel has no scratches, ensuring no damage. The internal filling structure of the automatic bottled water filling machine: the vat is transported by the internal flushing head, and after reaching the filling valve down, the filling system operates, the filling valve is inserted into the bottle mouth horizontally, the water valve is opened, and the water is filled. After filling, the filling head withdraws back to the top, and the bottled water is transported out by means of a steel chain. Fully automatic bottle filling machine: the bottle after brushing is sent to the flushing and filling machine. The upper platform is used to arrange barrels. When the number of barrels meets the set number, the upper platform will rotate the empty barrel 90 degrees, and the flushing head will be inserted into the mouth of the barrel. The water valve flushes the water in the barrel, flushes the foreign matter in the barrel, and discharges the water after flushing, and the flushing head drives the empty barrel to the bottom of the filling module. Heat-shrinking equipment for automatic bottled water production line: manually control the sealing film to the bottle mouth, and the heat-shrinking equipment will seal the film tightly. Sealed bottled water has a long retention time, which is beneficial for short-term storage and sales for a certain period of time.

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