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Production Process Of Bottled Water Production Line

5 8 月, 2022

Understand the three steps of water treatment: The production of bottled water first goes through water treatment. There are four steps: iron removal and manganese filtration. The function of this step is to make the iron and manganese content in the water meet the drinking water standard; the four-stage filtration can filter small foreign objects and some microorganisms in the water; put the water into the ozone sterilization tower for disinfection. Ozone sterilization can eliminate E. coli and other microorganisms in water.
Filling and sealing: The water after water treatment is transported to the filling workshop through a sealed pipe, and filled with cleaned and sterilized empty barrels. In all aspects of the production process, the manufacturer should test the water quality online. Only the water that passes the test can be filled, and the produced water can only be sold in the market after it has passed the standard inspection. The bottled water on the market enters our life through the level, but in front of the bottled water, for different prices and different brands of bottled water, how should we buy it correctly? When buying bottled water, look at several aspects: Look at the bottom of the barrel: Most of the manufacturers of regular barrels write the factory name and logo, material number, production date, etc. on the bottom of the barrel. “Trash can” does not. Special attention should be paid to two QS marks: first, the label of bottled water must be affixed with the QS mark; the bucket used should also have the QS mark of the bucket manufacturer, both of which are indispensable. Look at the color of the barrel: black, black, purple “black heart barrel” color too blue is also a problem. Food grade PC material should be clear and colorless, but most buckets on the market are blue. The color that gives a cool feeling comes from the PVC material (confirmed to contain plasticizers). If the color of the bucket is too dark, it means that the more waste that is added, it will also cover up the water quality defects. Transparent or light blue buckets are safer.

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