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Features Of Automatic Bag-feeding Packaging Machine

14 12 月, 2021

With the advancement of automation technology, more and more companies have begun to use fully automatic packaging machines for daily packaging operations to achieve stable production and improve efficiency. It can complete a series of functions. This production line can achieve unmanned packaging and is suitable for In different packaging. It has the advantages of high production speed, good packaging quality, good compatibility and stable performance. It is a high-tech product.
The automatic packaging machine manually places the packaging bags on the automatic bag storage, and the automatic bag storage will transport to the packaging bag picking area. When the packaging bags in this area are used up, the automatic bag storage will transport the next batch of packaging bags to the picking area. When it is detected that the packaging bags in the bag warehouse are about to be used up, an automatic alarm will remind the on-site staff to refill the bags. The bag loading manipulator will automatically pick up, open and cover the bags. When the previous bag is being packed, the bag loading manipulator will next Only the packaging bag is picked up, and the mouth is opened. After the filling is completed, the packaging is pushed to the sewing machine through the bag pushing system, and the stitching is automatically carried out.
Features and functions of automatic packaging machine:
1. Strong adaptability, usually after adjusting the appropriate function parameters, most similar products can be packaged.
2. High flexibility. When packaging products need to be replaced or specifications adjusted, the entire line can be used for secondary applications only by simple transformation, without the need to purchase again.
3. The equipment design is reasonable, functionally integrates all the processes of the entire production line, coordinated operation and division of labor, and has a high degree of automation.
4. In the same time, 20-30 labors on one machine, exquisite packaging process, stable accuracy and error-free.

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