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Filling Process Of Small Bottle Mineral Water Production Line

22 2 月, 2022

Qualified empty bottles enter the automatic filling machine of the small bottle pure water production line from the bottle unscrambler or the bottle blowing machine. The bottle mouth is held by the bottle neck support plate, and the elevator mechanism realizes the descending and ascending under the action of the cam. Gravity filling is used for filling, and the bottle mouth rises to open the filling valve to complete the filling process. After the filling is completed, the bottle mouth descends and leaves the filling valve. The bottle enters the capping machine through the neck transition dial. The anti-rotation knife on the small bottle pure water production line is stuck at the neck of the bottle, keeping the bottle upright and preventing the bottle from rotating. The capping head keeps revolving and rotates on the capping machine, and under the action of the cam, the capping, capping, capping, and capping actions are realized to complete the entire capping process. The finished bottle is conveyed from the capping machine to the bottle conveying chain through the bottle output dial, and the three-in-one bottle filling machine is conveyed by the conveying chain. The whole machine is closed, the height of the sealing window is higher than the equipment point, appropriate channels are left at the inlet and outlet of the bottle, and the bottom of the sealing window is left with an exhaust slot.
The capping machine of the small bottle mineral water production line adopts the magnetic torque type capping head to realize the functions of grasping and capping. The cap screwing torque is steplessly adjustable, and it has the function of rotating the plastic cap with constant torque, without damaging the cap, and the sealing is tight and reliable. The horizontal rotary pneumatic cap adjuster has the functions of not damaging the surface of the bottle cap, and automatically replenishing the cap by sending a signal for the lack of cap in the hopper. The whole machine adopts PLC computer program control and human-machine interface touch screen buttons, with automatic control of the liquid level in the material tank, no bottle filling, no bottle capping function, and a bottle star wheel card bottle dislocation stop, cover chute The function of shutting down if the inner cover is missing. The small bottle pure water production line has a compact structure, perfect control system, convenient operation and high degree of automation. To change the bottle shape, only need to replace the star wheel of the screw cap, and the curved guide plate can be realized. Dead corners, easy to clean, high-speed filling valve, accurate liquid level without liquid loss, to ensure the filling process requirements, the cap head adopts a magnetic constant torque device to ensure the quality of capping, and will not damage the cap, using an efficient cap management system, It has perfect automatic control and protection device.

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