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Inspection Before Operation Of Pure Water Production Line

24 2 月, 2022

In recent years, the application of ultrafiltration technology has become more and more widely used in all walks of life in society, and the pure water production line uses such technology, so it has become a hotly sought after object. The demand for pure water is in The rapid increase in recent years is not only reflected in the development of our country’s economy, but also in accordance with business conditions to continuously provide guarantees for everyone’s basic life. This production line has been used in the industry market, and has been praised by everyone from all walks of life in the enterprise. It has also won the trust of customers and supports the development and progress of this machinery and equipment.
However, before using the pure water production line, users must fully check it to ensure that the quality of the effluent is higher and the service life is longer.

1. Influent water quality inspection

The inspection of the influent water quality focuses on checking the turbidity. When the turbidity is within the specified range of the ultrafiltration membrane component, it can be input into the pure water production line, in addition to other water quality indicators.

2. System check

According to the process, check whether the installation of each equipment in the system is correct, whether the pipeline connection is correct, and whether the opening of the valve is normal. Special attention should be paid to manually operated systems. When starting, the inlet valve is half-open, and the concentrated water valve and the permeate valve should be fully opened to prevent the sudden increase of pressure and water inflow, which will impact the ultrafiltration membrane. After confirming that the equipment is installed correctly and the pipelines and valves are in normal condition, the system can be started.

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