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8 Reasons Why The Filling Volume Of Pure Water Filling Machine Is Unstable

18 2 月, 2022

The pure water filling machine is now widely used in the pure water production industry and has become an indispensable equipment in this industry. In the use of the equipment, the problem of unstable filling volume may occur, so what is the reason for this problem?
1. Due to the excessive setting of the suction volume, the water will return to the silicone tube, and it is easy to generate air bubbles at the needle mouth during the next filling, which will affect the filling volume (mainly small standard products).
2. The installation parts of the liquid storage tank, the liquid separator, the ceramic pump and the needle holder, the height difference between the installation part of the buffer tank and the installation part of the ceramic pump is too large, and the ceramic pump is subjected to excessive water pressure, which is easy to cause purity. The water filling machine fills the needle with dripping liquid.
3. When the pump is installed, the pump body and the pump rod are mixed, and the gap of the pump does not match, which can easily cause the pump rod to wear, the air tightness is not good, and the air bubbles appear in the filling process.
4. Each connection between the silicone tube, the dispenser and the ceramic pump will also produce air bubbles or drips if they are not tightened.
5. The connection between the ceramic pump and the rotary valve is too shaken or the verticality of the pump is a problem, resulting in dripping.
6. The rigidity of the servo motor of the pure water filling machine itself is not enough, which causes the ceramic pump to shake slightly in the later stage of filling, resulting in dripping.
7. The filling speed is too fast, resulting in excessive pressure on the silicone tube, resulting in dripping.
8. The length of the needle holder and its silicone tube is too long, resulting in excessive shaking and dripping.

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