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Maintenance Of Pure Water Filling Machine

28 2 月, 2022

We should all know that no matter what kind of mechanical equipment, it is very important to maintain it, and the pure water filling machine is no exception, but many people do not know how to maintain the equipment. Introduce the maintenance method of this equipment.
1. The operator should switch the equipment strictly according to the operation process. The operator should carry out more than three rounds of inspections every day to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
2. Regularly clean the filter screen of the pure water filling machine, and replace the PP cotton in the safety filter screen to meet the standard of pure water treatment.
3. All water pipes and joints should be checked for damage and looseness on time, and attention should be paid to preventing freezing. Check the operation status of the pump and high-pressure pump on time, and report any problems in time.
4. The operator should immediately find out the reason for the abnormality of the equipment, report it in time, and take decisive measures in emergency situations. There is no way to eliminate the problem, the cause of the problem is unclear, and the device cannot be turned on blindly. Issues not addressed should be carefully documented and fixed by professionals.
5. Check whether the connector of the electrical control box of the pure water filling machine is often detached to ensure the safety of electricity use.
6. Operators and maintenance personnel should always pay attention to keeping the pure water treatment equipment clean, and solve the problem of dripping and leakage in time. If it cannot be solved temporarily, it should be recorded and marked.

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