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Production Process Of Mineral Water Filling Equipment

29 11 月, 2021

Packaged drinking water refers to water that uses water from the surface, underground, or public water supply system as the water source, and is processed and sealed in a container for direct drinking.
Packaged drinking water can be divided into drinking natural mineral water, drinking pure water, drinking natural spring water, drinking natural water, other drinking water, etc. Because of the relatively high requirements for the water source of mineral water, the amount of mining is restricted, and natural mineral water is in the high-end drinking water position on the market. Introduce the equipment composition and production process of the natural mineral water filling production line.
The natural mineral water filling production line is composed of a water treatment system, a filling system and a packaging system.
The production process of natural mineral water treatment system: raw water tank-raw water pump-precision filter-ultrafiltration-ultraviolet sterilizer-ozone sterilization unit-finished water tank-finished water pump. Natural mineral water filling and packaging production process: bottle blowing machine / bottle unscrambler-custom-fan-three-in-one filling machine-cap washing machine-light inspection-blow dryer-labeling machine / sleeve labeling machine- Laser printer-film wrapping machine-conveying-automatic palletizing machine.
Raw water pump, raw water tank: the raw water is pumped into the raw water tank for use in the pretreatment system, and the sediment and sedimentable substances in the raw water are precipitated in the raw water tank.
Ultrafiltration: The dense and small pore size of the ultrafiltration membrane can separate insoluble impurities in the raw water and remove suspended solids, bacteria, colloids, etc. in the water. Membrane modules are selected from well-known brands, which have good resistance to mechanical tension and chemical attack. The membrane area is relatively large and the water flux is relatively large.
Three-in-one filling machine: Fully automatic bottled production equipment, using air to feed the bottle, washing, filling and capping in one machine. Simple operation and high production efficiency.
Light inspection: LED light inspection box, imported high-transmittance light guide plate, uniform light intensity distribution, no dark areas, and stable color temperature. It is especially effective for detecting color, turbidity, water leakage, and visible objects.

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