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5 Ways For Judging The Quality Of Mineral Water Production Line

26 11 月, 2021

1. Appearance

The beauty of the mineral water production line is different, but the appearance of any production line needs to be easy to operate and maintain. If you add some meaningless accessories just for aesthetics, it will inevitably lead to an increase in production costs, and this cost will be borne by the customer.

2. Materials

At present, 304 stainless steel filling machine materials are commonly used in the market, but in order to reduce costs, some manufacturers often choose 202 stainless steel. Although there is no obvious difference in appearance, in the long run, it will often seriously affect the corrosion resistance and sanitary indicators of the pipeline.

3. Accessories

A good mineral water production line is not a partial superposition of a well-known brand, but a system project with the same performance. High-quality accessories will naturally bring better performance, and also the purchase cost. This requires detailed customers and manufacturers. The communication between the tests is the factory workers. Cheng’s research and development capabilities cannot be described in detail.

4. Design

There is only one standard for design, that is, it is easy to operate and maintain while reducing costs. Customers with special requirements also need to communicate in detail with the manufacturer.

5. Qualifications

Before purchasing a mineral water production line, you need to inspect the manufacturer first, and allow the manufacturer to provide qualifications for R&D and production of related products to see whether the manufacturer has excellent engineering experience. Customers will naturally know this after visiting many manufacturers. To understand the difference in every detail and why there are some differences before buying.

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