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Main Equipment In Juice Production Line

17 8 月, 2022

Some general machinery and equipment in the juice production line: the three-in-one filling machine combines the three functions of cleaning, filling and capping on one device, and the whole process is automated. Tea beverages are also suitable for non-carbonated beverages such as mineral water and pure water. The equipment is made of high-quality SUS304 raw materials. The main structural parts are processed by CNC machine tools. The overall equipment uses professional photoelectric detection of the operation of each part. It has a display with no bottle, no filling, no bottle, no cap, high automation level and simple man-machine interface operation.
The main features of the machine in the juice production line: the bottle feeding adopts the air conveying equipment, and the bottle neck is in the form of hanging card, the bottle feeding speed is faster and the bottle is not easy to deform. The bottle neck is cleaned by the cutting-edge neck neck technology, which prevents the chance of contact with the threaded mouth, and is cleaner. The bottle transportation adopts the neck neck technology, and the bottle shape does not need to be adjusted in height, only the guard plate related to the diameter of the bottle body needs to be changed. Filling adopts the valve lifting process, the filling valve adopts the basic principle of new micro-pressure filling, and the quantification is accurate. The screw cap adopts the snap-and-screw capping process introduced from France, the cap organizer is assembled at a low position, and the cap is delivered horizontally. The host PLC and inverter all adopt brands, such as Japan’s Mitsubishi, Omron and so on. The PET bottle three-in-one machine integrates cleaning, filling and capping. It is based on overseas cutting-edge technology and is developed according to the filling process standards of tea, juice, and other beverages. The filling temperature is generally around 82-85 degrees. Juice sterilizer in juice production line: Beverage sterilizer machinery and equipment are used to make various beverages. Generally, the production line is composed of many mechanical equipment to process various beverages, such as water treatment equipment, bottle rinsers, filling machines, and sealing machines. , sterilization equipment, CIP in-situ cleaning equipment, filtration equipment, packaging machinery, etc.

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