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Reasons For Poor Water Purification Effect Of Purified Water Production Line

1 11 月, 2022

What are the reasons for the poor water purification effect of the purified water production line? Come and have a look! The rotary table of the bottle washing machine is equipped with a bottle clamp, which clamps the mouth of the bottle and rotates 180 ° along a slide rail to make the mouth of the bottle face down. Within the designated scope of the bottle washing machine, the bottle washing clamp nozzle sprays bottle washing water to clean the inner cavity of the bottle.
After the bottle is cleaned and drained, remove it from the bottle clamp and rotate it 180 ° along the slide rail to make the bottle mouth face up. The bottles cleaned by the purified water production line are output from the bottle washing machine and transported to the automatic filling machine by the bottle pulling star wheel. The bottle entering the automatic filling machine is clamped by the binding bracket and lifted by the cam, and then the filling valve is popped open by the bottle mouth. Gravity filling method shall be selected for filling. After the filling valve is opened, the material is filled with the filling valve. After the filling is completed, the bottle mouth is lowered and separated from the filling valve, and the bottle enters the capping machine through the shifting wheel with a card. The anti rotation knife on the capping machine is stuck in the blocking position to keep the bottle standing and prevent rotation. The main reason for the poor water purification effect of the purified water production line is the ash removal system. If there is an error in one section of these joints, no matter what kind of processing technology you use, the water produced will not reach the standard, which is also a major case of injury effects. At the level of operation process, the water purification equipment purifies water according to the demand of water purification. It refers to the different application conditions and requirements for some macromolecular substances or ions contained in the water, which may also be different. This is also a leading factor that harms the efficacy. The purified water production line can produce water with higher purity, which can produce water that meets the requirements. External factors may not be able to keep the water clean all the time. After the water is produced, the quality of the produced water may be affected due to the dirty equipment.

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