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Introduction To Juice Production Line Process

13 10 月, 2022

Fruit juice has more complete nutritional components, and more healthy types of fruit juice drinks are favored by more and more consumers, with broad market prospects. At the same time, it promotes the production of more juice production lines and equipment. The key procedures of the fruit juice production line mainly cover the selection of raw materials for fruit juice, washing, juice beating or extraction, filling, etc. Fruit juice drinks contain the juice of all parts of vegetables and fruits or the juice of some intracellular cells. They are more nutritious ingredients in vegetables and fruits. They taste delicious and can be easily absorbed in the body. Some of them have more medical effects. The fruit juice can be drunk directly, and can also be made into various mixed drinks.
Fruit juice production line equipment characteristics: the fruit juice production line has the advantages of high automation technology characteristics, superior performance, reasonable structure, high juice yield, simple operation, etc. The production line is applied to the production and manufacture of apple, pear, strawberry and other major fruit juice drinks. The change of some processing equipment can also be applied to the production and processing of carrot, peach, apricot and other fruit juice drinks, with a wide range of applications. Process flow and key points for use of fruit juice production line: selection of raw materials: soft fruits with relatively high maturity should be selected as raw materials for juice production to remove fermentation mildew and immature fruits. Rinsing: Washing of raw materials before juice making is the main measure to reduce pollution, and more attention should be paid to juice making with skin. Therefore, the sediment and sundries in the exocarp must be cleaned with flowing water. If it is necessary to rinse with solution, then rinse with clean water. Beating: The whole juice drink production line uses a beater to beat and peel the juice, and the juice is packed with cloth to press the juice, with a juice yield of more than 70%. Or pour the washed fruit into the press for juice, and then filter the exocarp, fruit seed and part of the crude fiber through the scraper filtering device.

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