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How To Clean The Mineral Water Filling Machine

16 2 月, 2022

At this stage, with the development of the filling industry, it has been loved by many customers, and different types of mineral water filling machines are constantly being improved and upgraded. Cleaning with this device is a hassle for us. Here are a few types of cleaning methods to help you better maintain your equipment.
This type of equipment is filled with liquid, so the container must be kept clean. The used filling container needs to undergo strict inspection and cleaning, so that the filling object will not be contaminated, otherwise it will cause serious hidden dangers to product quality. .
In addition to cleaning the mineral water filling machine, the filling workshop needs to be kept clean and tidy. Due to the quality of filling, the production line could not operate normally. When applying, pay attention to sterilization, cleaning and low temperature filling. Keep fluid equipment piping clean. All pipes, especially those that are in direct or indirect contact with materials, should be kept clean, scrubbed once a week, drained every day, and cleaned every time; keep equipment clean, brush and sterilize material tanks, and ensure that there is no dirt and dust in contact with materials. Miscellaneous bacteria. During the production process, the biological stability and bactericidal properties of the bottled liquid should be ensured. Control the sterilization time and temperature to ensure the effect, avoid the sterilization time is too long or the temperature is too high, and reduce the liquid oxidation. After sterilization, cool down as soon as possible so that the temperature does not exceed 35°C.
Before each operation of the mineral water filling machine, use 0-1 water to reduce the temperature of its tank body and conveying pipeline. When the filling temperature exceeds 4, the filling operation should be carried out after cooling. Through the application of incubator and constant temperature irrigation, the material can maintain a certain constant temperature within the specified filling time, avoiding the unstable operation of the equipment caused by excessive temperature changes. In addition, the filling equipment should be isolated from other equipment to avoid cross-contamination between the lubrication part of the equipment and the filling material, and the conveyor belt should be lubricated with special soapy water or lubricating oil.

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