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    • Specifications

    Automatic Vertical Round Bottle Sticker Labeler Water Cup Packing Labeling Machine
    Main Component

    1. Label feeder; 2. Conveyor belt; 3. Bottle divider; 4. Square bottle marking system 5: Positioning conveyor belt on both sides 6. Stainless steel cabinet; 7. Chinese touch operation interface; 8. Electrical control system
    The entire electric control system is controlled by PLC, and the touch operation interface is very convenient and intuitive.
    With memory storage program function, 10 groups of parameters can be stored. And you can name different programs. To change different specifications or adopt different production capacity, only need to call different parameters, no need to adjust again, which greatly improves work efficiency.
    Conveyor belt, bottle divider, positioning and rotating mechanism are driven by individually adjustable motors. The labeling head can be adjusted in multiple directions for easy operation.
    Automatically alarm when there are 200 labels left, and automatically alarm and stop when the labels are exhausted.
    The labeling position and the stop bar can be adjusted according to the size of the object to be labeled, which is suitable for labeling multiple products with the same machine.
    This equipment adopts high stability and reliability to control the motor by the frequency converter of American AB, so it can realize frequency conversion speed regulation.
    Using the method of radio eye to ensure stable detection of objects without being affected by the surface color and inequality of reflective height, so as to ensure the stability of labeling and error-free.
    All accessories including cabinets, conveyor belts, stop bars and even small screws are all made of stainless steel or aluminum profiles, which is free of pollution and ensures compliance with environmental requirements.
    All system control components have undergone strict inspection and testing to ensure the stability and reliability of various functions.
    The working status and failure of this machine have the function of reminding and warning, which makes the operation and maintenance more convenient.
    The system has the function of manual and automatic setting of parameters. The automatic setting function can automatically set the pre-marking length and automatically set the pre-marking length to the best. There is no need to manually set it multiple times, saving debugging time.
    Technical Parameter
    Labeling speed: 2000BPH
    Labeling accuracy: ±1.5mm (not counting the error of the object and the label)
    Bid-out speed: 3~50m/min
    Conveyor belt speed: 5~30m/min
    Host direction: left→right or right→left
    The size of the sticker: According to customer requirements
    Overall dimensions: about L2400×W1400×H1780 (mm)
    Applicable labels: self-adhesive single-row rolls of transparent/opaque labels, translucent glassine paper; label roll inner diameter φ76.2mm, maximum label roll outer diameter φ340mm; label bottom paper width 16 mm~200mm
    Weight: about 260kg
    Air source: 0.4~0.7Mpa
    Relative temperature of operating environment: 0~50℃
    Use relative humidity: 15~90%

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