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    • Specifications

    Fully Automatic 4-station Capper Vacuum Bottle Sealing Screw Capping Machine
    The automatic vacuum capping machine simulates the manual capping action, and the capping process does not damage the bottle cap. Compatible with a variety of bottle types. When changing the bottle type, you can adjust and replace the accessories on the equipment, which is simple and convenient. The pass rate of normal capping is high. The capping speed is fast and the cost is low. The operation of the whole machine is humanized, and no professional skills are required. It is an ideal choice for enterprise automated production.
    Working process of capping machine:Put the cap-screw cap-finished product output
    Technical Parameter
    1. Sealing bottle height (mm): Customize according to the actual bottle
    2. Adapt to cover diameter (mm): Customize according to the actual bottle
    3. Adapt to bottle diameter (mm): Customize according to the actual bottle
    4. Working pressure (MPa): 0.5-0.8
    5. Weight: 350kg
    6. Output (bottles/hour): 25-35 bottles/min
    7. Dimensions: (L×W×H) (mm): 800*900*1900mm
    8. Conveyor line height: 800±50mm (can be determined according to the customer’s original production line)

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