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    • Specifications

    Automatic Vertical Round Bottle Sticker Labeler Water Cup Packing Labeling Machine
    It is mainly composed of chain belt and frequency conversion speed control device, and the conveyor chain is composed of 304 stainless steel chain belt. The speed of conveying is adjustable, which reduces the labor intensity of manual handling and realizes the automation of production.
    The Main Technical Parameters
    1. Conveyor belt width: 82.6mm
    2. Conveying speed: 2~6m/s
    3. Rated voltage: 3-phase 380v
    4. Speed control system: frequency conversion speed control
    5. Machine weight: about 210kg
    6. Height from the ground: 850mm+50mm (can be made according to customer requirements)
    7. Chain belt material: SUS304 stainless steel
    8. Working direction: from left to right (left in and right out)

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