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    • Specifications

    Automatic Canned Jam/Chili/Honey/Chocolate/Sauce/Salad/Drinks Filling Sealing Machine Production Line

    Item 2Heads 4-6Heads 8-10Heads 12Heads
    Filling Speed 500Bottles 600-800Bottles 1800-2500Bottles 3000-3500Bottles
    Quantitative Error Plus or minus 2ml (200ml/hour)
    Operating Voltage 380V/220V (can be customized) 50HZ
    Working Pressure 0.6-0.8MA
    Capacity Range 50-500mL 500-2500mL 2500mL-5L 5L-30L
    Dimensions 800*1500*1600mm 1600*1600*2200mm 2000*1800*2200mm 2300*1800*2300mm

    1. Filling Temperature Is Reliable
    A servo motor is used to control the motor’s speed to achieve an accurate and reliable filling process, with an accuracy up to a filling error of 2 grams, and a compatible range of 100 grams – 2500 grams.
    2. Color Human-computer Control Interface
    One-touch operation, full-color human-machine control interface, easy and convenient capacity replacement
    3. Fully Automatic Filling
    Made of stainless steel, fully automatic filling can deliver materials accurately and stably in seconds with zero leakage. Each filling head is equipped with a bottle mouth setting to ensure accurate injection positioning.
    4. Intelligent Temperature Control Setting Panel
    LED display temperature control scale, automatic counting function sensor device is accurate, filling speed measurement can be set, no need to worry about inaccuracy. Filling is accurate, efficient and leak-proof
    4. Food Grade Silicone Tube
    Made of imported silicone material and scientific production process, it has high tear resistance and high transparency, and has wide adaptability.
    Automatic Canned Jam/Chili/Honey/Chocolate/Sauce/Salad/Drinks Filling Sealing Machine Production Line

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