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    • Specifications

    Customized Automatic Pet/Flake/Glass/Plastic Water Bottle Fan Dryer Machine Drying Line Manufacturers
    It is suitable for drying glass bottles, which can solve the drying problem of glass bottles.
    The working principle of the glass bottle inside and outside dryer:
    The glass bottle needs to be cleaned with clean water or pure water before drying (to avoid leaving stains and water marks on the bottle wall after drying), and most of the water in the bottle should be controlled as much as possible. The temperature of the dryer is adjusted to between 100-180°C, the conveyor belt is adjusted to an appropriate speed, and the glass bottles are placed on the conveyor belt. to kill some harmful bacteria.
    Technical Parameter
    Production capacity: 50-100 bottles/min (depending on capacity and bottle shape)
    Capacity specification: 50-1000ml
    Bottle diameter: φ35-150mm
    Voltage: 380V 50Hz
    Power: 20kw
    weight: about 400kg

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