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    China fully automaitc round bottle sauce filling machine for sale,with unscrambler washing sealing capping labeling packing function(Capacity:200g,500g 1000PCH).

    1.Automatic bottle unscrambler

    Automatic bottle unscrambler
    It is suitable for automatic transmission of round bottles, such as the conveyor belt connected to the filling machine, which can automatically feed the bottles to improve efficiency; the bottle conveying speed is 10-20 bottles/min, and the speed can be steplessly adjusted to facilitate production arrangements.
    Working Principle
    The glass turntable of the unscrambler drives the product to rotate;
    The product is close to the edge of the glass turntable under the fluctuation of the unscrambler plate;
    Products are led out orderly along the unscrambler slot of the unscrambler.
    Technical Parameter
    Applicable product diameter (for round bottles) and height: diameter: about φ63mm height: 80mm~120mm
    Power (w): 120-200W
    Equipment dimensions (mm): about 1100×1000×1200mm

    2.Automatic round bottle washer

    Automatic round bottle washer
    Automatic bottle washing machine is suitable for wine, fruit wine, liquor, etc.
    The machine has a reasonable design, a rigorous structure, and a closed type to ensure that it is not polluted during the process. It is various liquors and wines. Ideal equipment for fruit wineries. Based on the digestion and absorption of Italian advanced technology, it is carefully developed. Compared with other similar products, the advantages are:
    1. The rinsing speed is fast, and the rinsing speed of this machine can reach 3000 bottles/hour. Save time and labor. Frequency conversion speed regulation can be adjusted arbitrarily according to needs.
    2. With flushing channel, water consumption is small.
    3. The water divider valve strictly controls the time of rinsing and controlling the bottle to ensure that the bottle is rinsed clean and there is no water in the bottle after the bottle is controlled.
    4. Electric height adjustment, simple operation.
    5. The range of applicable bottles is large. Except for special shaped bottles, most regular bottle types can be applied.
    6. The advanced clamping jaws are processed precisely, work reliably, and have a long service life.
    7. All parts are equipped with limit devices, which will automatically shut down in case of failure to protect the equipment from damage.
    The main technical parameters
    1. Th production efficiency: 3000 bottles/hour
    2. Applicable bottle mouth diameter: Φ22―32 mm
    3. Applicable bottle height: 120-360 mm
    4. Applicable bottleneck: Φ40-100 mm
    5. Main motor power: 1.1kw 380v
    6. Lifting motor power: 0.37kw 380v

    3.Glass bottle drying line

    Glass bottle drying line
    Glass bottle inner and outer dryer is an economical and suitable drying equipment. It is suitable for glass bottle drying and can solve the problem of glass bottle drying.
    Working principle of glass bottle inner and outer dryer:
    Before drying, the glass bottle needs to be cleaned with clean water or pure water (to avoid leaving stains and water marks on the bottle wall after drying), and control most of the water in the bottle as much as possible. Adjust the temperature of the dryer to 100-150℃, adjust the conveyor belt to an appropriate speed, and put the glass bottle on the conveyor belt. After the glass bottle passes through the high temperature inside the dryer, the water inside the jar is dried.
    technical parameter:
    Production capacity: 50-100 bottles/min (depending on capacity and bottle shape)
    Capacity specification: 50-1000ml
    Bottle diameter: φ35-150mm
    Power: 20kw
    Total weight: about 400kg

    4.4-head automatic filling machine

    4-head automatic filling machine
    The automatic filling machine integrates light, machine, electricity and gas, with accurate quantification, high filling accuracy, simple operation and convenient maintenance. The equipment is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, which meets the hygiene requirements. The filling process is isolated from the outside world to ensure the hygienic requirements of the filling. The electrical control adopts Taiwan Delta PLC, French Schneider and other electrical components to accurately control each pneumatic actuator to complete the filling process. The filling method uses the piston self-priming principle, servo Drive high-precision screw rods to drive multiple sets of pistons, no high-position tanks are required, which simplifies the installation process and improves the filling efficiency. It can be widely used in the production characteristics of automatic sauce packaging.
    1. The 7-inch full Chinese color touch screen, terminal display and operation platform, intuitive and simple; greatly facilitate the adjustment of parameters and the test of various functions.
    2. The frequency conversion speed regulation conveying system can be adjusted according to the production speed; (length can be customized according to customer requirements)
    3. The whole machine is made of SUS304 material, with beautiful appearance, high filling accuracy, convenient adjustment, safety, and easy operation.
    4. High-precision piston metering device, accurate and reliable quantification, convenient and quick to adjust the filling volume by numerical control;
    5. Imported sealing device is adopted, and effective anti-drip measures are added to ensure that there is no dripping on site;
    6. The equipment comes with a storage box, which is equipped with stirring, and the pipeline is cleaned independently, which is convenient for cleaning.
    7. The filling head is equipped with a Japanese Panasonic photoelectric system, which can accurately identify the positioning of the filling bottle and realize bottle filling and no bottle filling.
    Technical parameter
    1. Filling range: 100g-500g
    2. Filling speed: 1000-1200 bottles/hour (300g/bottle)
    3. Measuring accuracy: ±1%g-±2%g
    4. Rated voltage: 3-phase 380v
    5. Rated power: about 3.2Kw
    6. Circuit system: Taiwan Delta
    7. Working pressure: 0.6~0.8Mpa
    8. Machine weight: about 800kg
    9. Material box capacity: 45~70Kg
    10. Dimensions: 1800×950×2150mm

    5.Screw feeding pump

    The screw pump is an internal meshing rotary positive displacement pump. The main work and components are an eccentric screw (rotor) and a fixed bushing (stator). Due to the special geometric shapes of the rotor and the stator, several separate sealed cavities are formed. The operation of the rotor continuously and uniformly transports the medium in each sealed cavity from the suction end to the pressure output end. The internal flow rate is low, the volume remains unchanged, and the pressure is stable, so turbulence and agitation will not occur. It can be used to transport neutral or corrosive sauces, clean or abrasive sauces, high-viscosity or low-viscosity sauces, including sauces containing fiber and solid substances. It can work continuously for a long time and maintain a stable flow rate, and has good self-priming ability.
    1. With strong self-priming ability, it can suck the sauce directly.
    2. It can transport high-concentration, high-viscosity sauce with solid particles, and the maximum concentration-weight ratio is up to 40%.
    3. Low flow can also maintain high discharge pressure, which has nothing to do with speed.
    4. The pump is reversible; the flow direction of the sauce body can be changed by the rotation direction of the pump, which is suitable for occasions where the pipeline needs to be back washed.
    5. Simple structure, convenient disassembly, assembly and maintenance. It can be used with the filling machine to realize the automatic shutdown of the material box without material and automatic feeding without material.
    Technical parameter
    1. Rated power: 1.5Kw
    2. Feeding efficiency: 2T/h
    3. Machine weight: about 80kg

    6.Cap feeding machine

    Cap feeding machine
    Lifting cap sorting machine, also called automatic cap sorting machine, cap sorting and placing machine, is a special equipment for automatic cap sorting and capping. It is mainly used in the supporting equipment of filling line. The main function is to automatically sort and place caps. cover.
    The cap sorting system mainly adopts a straight-line belt conveying device to realize the purpose of cap sorting; the support system supports the vertical cap lifting system, and can adjust the inclination of the cap lifting system belt, so as to adapt to the bottle caps of different heights. The need for cap sorting; the cap dropping system makes the bottle cap accurately fall on the bottle mouth through the arc-shaped guide rail, so as to achieve the perfect combination with the fully automatic crawler capping machine. This equipment has the characteristics of simple and reasonable structure, good automation, no need to climb for replenishment and capping, and convenient operation.
    Technical Parameter
    1. Adapt to cover diameter: 30-60mm
    2. Working pressure: 0.5-0.8Mpa
    3. Weight: 85kg
    4. Output: 25~65 pcs/min
    5. Overall dimensions (L×W×H): about 800*800*2100mm

    7.Fully automatic 4-station vacuum capping machine

    Fully automatic 4-station vacuum capping machine
    The automatic vacuum capping machine simulates the manual capping action, and the capping process does not damage the bottle cap. Compatible with a variety of bottle types. When changing the bottle type, you can adjust and replace the accessories on the equipment, which is simple and convenient. The pass rate of normal capping is high. The capping speed is fast and the cost is low. The operation of the whole machine is humanized, and no professional skills are required. It is an ideal choice for enterprise automated production.
    Working process of capping machine:Put the cap-screw cap-finished product output
    Technical Parameter
    1. Sealing bottle height (mm): 80-150
    2. Adapt to cover diameter (mm): 50-70
    3. Adapt to bottle diameter (mm): 50-80
    4. Working pressure (MPa): 0.5-0.8
    5. Weight: 350kg
    6. Output (bottles/hour): 25-35 bottles/min
    7. Dimensions: (L×W×H) (mm): 800*900*1900mm
    8. Conveyor line height: 800±50mm (can be determined according to the customer’s original production line)
    8.Automatic labeling machine
    Main Component
    1. Label feeder; 2. Conveyor belt; 3. Bottle divider; 4. Square bottle marking system 5: Positioning conveyor belt on both sides 6. Stainless steel cabinet; 7. Chinese touch operation interface; 8. Electrical control system
    The entire electric control system is controlled by PLC, and the touch operation interface is very convenient and intuitive.
    With memory storage program function, 10 groups of parameters can be stored. And you can name different programs. To change different specifications or adopt different production capacity, only need to call different parameters, no need to adjust again, which greatly improves work efficiency.
    Conveyor belt, bottle divider, positioning and rotating mechanism are driven by individually adjustable motors. The labeling head can be adjusted in multiple directions for easy operation.
    Automatically alarm when there are 200 labels left, and automatically alarm and stop when the labels are exhausted.
    The labeling position and the stop bar can be adjusted according to the size of the object to be labeled, which is suitable for labeling multiple products with the same machine.
    This equipment adopts high stability and reliability to control the motor by the frequency converter of American AB, so it can realize frequency conversion speed regulation.
    Using the method of radio eye to ensure stable detection of objects without being affected by the surface color and inequality of reflective height, so as to ensure the stability of labeling and error-free.
    All accessories including cabinets, conveyor belts, stop bars and even small screws are all made of stainless steel or aluminum profiles, which is free of pollution and ensures compliance with environmental requirements.
    All system control components have undergone strict inspection and testing to ensure the stability and reliability of various functions.
    The working status and failure of this machine have the function of reminding and warning, which makes the operation and maintenance more convenient.
    The system has the function of manual and automatic setting of parameters. The automatic setting function can automatically set the pre-marking length and automatically set the pre-marking length to the best. There is no need to manually set it multiple times, saving debugging time.
    Technical Parameter
    Labeling speed: 25-65 bottles/min
    Labeling accuracy: ±1.5mm (not counting the error of the object and the label)
    Bid-out speed: 3~50m/min
    Conveyor belt speed: 5~30m/min
    Host direction: left→right or right→left
    The size of the sticker: According to customer requirements
    Overall dimensions: about L2400×W1400×H1780 (mm)
    Applicable labels: self-adhesive single-row rolls of transparent/opaque labels, translucent glassine paper; label roll inner diameter φ76.2mm, maximum label roll outer diameter φ340mm; label bottom paper width 16 mm~200mm
    Weight: about 260kg
    Air source: 0.4~0.7Mpa
    Relative temperature of operating environment: 0~50℃
    Use relative humidity: 15~90%

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