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The Production Process Of Pure Water Filling Machine

30 9 月, 2021

Pure water filling machines are often used in the filling of small pure water and mineral water. Automated equipment has brought better benefits to industrial production. What is the production process of this type of equipment?

1. Bottle washing

First, add enough water to the cleaning water tank, insert the water bottle to be cleaned into the bottle washing position, press the bottle washing operation switch, and the pure water filling machine will automatically start to wash the bottle to set the cleaning time (customers can set the cleaning time according to the pollution status of the water bottle. Adjust the cleaning time, control by a time relay in the electric control box), after the equipment cleaning work stops, you can enter the filling station for filling work. Note: When cleaning more than 60 water bottles or the water in the water tank is dirty, please replace the cleaning water in the water tank in time.

2. Filling

Push the cleaned water bottle to the filling position by hand, make sure that the filling water inlet valve has been opened, press the bottle washing operation switch, and the equipment will automatically start the filling work to set the filling time (customers can set the filling time according to the water bottle Whether the filling is full to adjust the filling time, in the electric control box with the help of a time relay control) after the equipment filling work stops, can enter the capping station for capping work.

3. Capping

The pure water filling machine pushes the filled water bottle to the capping position, puts the cap on the water bottle mouth, and presses the capping rod until the cap is tight. At this time, the cycle of cleaning, filling and capping of a bottle ends.

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