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Maintenance Of Bottled Water Production Line

3 10 月, 2021

There are many things to pay attention to in the maintenance of bottled water production lines, because the bottled water production line is composed of many components, and each component has a different function. The production line must be properly maintained and maintained to prevent equipment damage or pollution. Next, I will introduce the correct maintenance method of the bottled water production line:
1. The raw water tank and pure water tank must be checked on time to ensure that there are no impurities or pollutants in the water tank, which may cause secondary pollution to the raw water or pure water.
2. The filter element of the precision filter must be replaced in time when the equipment is running for a certain period of time. In summer, the filter element will leak due to the increase of high temperature bacteria, which will cause the particle pollution of the reverse osmosis membrane of the equipment.
3. The mechanical filter of the bottled water production line equipment should be backwashed on time. When backwashing, use compressed air gas friction. After the backwash reaches the standard, let it stand for about 10 minutes and then wash it again. After the positive washing water reaches the standard, it can be put into use. Do not bring air into the reverse osmosis membrane.
4. Test and analyze the water quality of the equipment on time, and adjust the dosage of flocculant, bactericide, reducing agent and scale inhibitor in time according to the specific situation.
5. When compared with the initial commissioning state, the water production of the reverse osmosis device of the standardized equipment is reduced by 10, or the salt content of the produced water is significantly increased under certain conditions, or the pressure difference is increased by 15, the reverse osmosis membrane should be Clean in time.
6. The amount of concentrated water in the bottled water production line should be adjusted in time to maintain a recovery rate of about 75. The concentration of slightly soluble salts in the concentrated water should not exceed the solubility and scale, and water should not be wasted, that is, economic operation should be achieved.

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