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3 Precautions For Using Pure Water Filling Machine

2 11 月, 2021

The application of the pure water filling machine has brought benefits to the production of the factory, but if the equipment is used unreasonably, it will bring great harm and hidden dangers to the production. What are the precautions when using this device?
1. Do not rinse directly with water when disassembling and washing the equipment. If water pipes, water guns and other instruments are used to flush the equipment, if the water source enters the equipment, it is likely to cause the machine to accelerate its aging speed, weaken its performance, and easily crash. If there is a need to clean the equipment, the remaining products in the machine should be cleaned up, and then the tank should be filled with mild cleaning fluid. The company recommends the use of warm water, if necessary, soapy water, alcohol and other cleaning fluids can also be used.
2. If the injection nozzle overflows, press the safety emergency stop switch to ensure that the workshop is tidy. If the staff finds that the injection nozzle is overflowing with materials, they should immediately press the safety emergency stop switch to prevent wasting materials. After the pure water filling machine stops, remove the injection nozzle to check if there is any damage. If there is damage, replace the injection nozzle.
3. When the cylinder is ejected and cannot be returned due to unreasonable use, do not press the safety button recklessly. When the equipment cylinder is ejected and cannot be returned, the production should be suspended for 1-2 minutes to check whether the equipment is malfunctioning or crashing. If the equipment fails during production, the staff presses the emergency stop switch. It may cause chaos inside the equipment. Clearing all the previous settings may affect production efficiency.
In addition, for the pure water filling machine, the strict use of it is not only responsible for the equipment, but also for the production of the factory. Therefore, in the process of applying equipment, in addition to strict use, attention should also be paid to equipment-related maintenance methods to increase the service life of the equipment and allow the equipment to create higher value for the factory.

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