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10 Characteristics Of Beverage Filling Machine

26 10 月, 2021

What are the characteristics of the beverage filling machine? People who haven’t been in contact will have certain doubts about this matter, so what are the characteristics of this type of equipment? Next, this article will explain to you in detail.
1. This type of equipment adopts liquid level filling and liquid pressure differential filling, which can effectively cope with the easy foaming of the filled liquid.
2. Equipped with CIP self-cleaning interface, the filling valve and material inlet and outlet pipes have no sanitary dead corners, and the bottle mouth water flushing device is equipped before capping, which can prevent the bottle mouth from becoming moldy.
3. Long use time, precise structure of filling valve, few seals, sanitation and corrosion resistance.
4. Beverage filling machine spray filling, the liquid flows down the inner wall of the container during filling, which effectively prevents the foaming condition caused by the liquid hitting the bottom of the bottle.
5. The equipment uses a magnetic torque type cap screwing head, which can realize the action of capping and screwing, and the screwing torque can be adjusted.
6. This series of filling machinery has less bottle damage and uses an elastic bottle support device to soften the bottle holder during filling, which can reduce the loss of beverage bottles.
7. No bottle no filling, no bottle and bottle with defective mouth are not filled, thus improving the filling efficiency and product quality.
9. The filling machinery adopts professional control methods such as PLC computer program control, man-machine interface touch screen control, and inverter control.
10. The equipment has the functions of automatic detection of filling temperature, automatic reflux of low temperature shutdown, automatic control of the cap supply system, high temperature alarm of materials, no caps without bottles, and shutdown without caps.
The points explained above are some of the basic features and functions of the beverage filling machine. It is precisely because of these features that the application of the equipment has become so extensive.

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