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Precautions For The Use Of Beverage Filling Machines

18 10 月, 2021

The beverage filling machine can be used to fill carbonated beverages, salt sodas and other carbonated beverages. It can also be used to fill beverages such as juice and purified water. It can be said to be a machine with multiple functions and a new type of filling machine with high practical value. . There are some things we need to pay attention to when the device is in use. The details are as follows:
1. The beverage filling machine must have a safety ground;
2. When cleaning the equipment, please do not directly wash the parts of the electric control cabinet with water;
3. The equipment can only be operated when the safety devices (such as protective doors) are in normal operation, and this device must not be cancelled or malfunctioned;
4. Non-professional and technical personnel, please do not overhaul the equipment;
5. When starting the machine, the operator must check all the operating parts and components area, and there must be no foreign objects that may damage the equipment in this area;
Beverage filling machine
6. When the beverage filling machine is running, it is forbidden to reach into the filling area and other moving parts area;
7. If the equipment safety facilities are damaged or malfunction, the operator should report in time;
8. When cleaning, maintaining or repairing the equipment, the air source and power supply must be disconnected;
9. It is forbidden to work for a long time without material in the material tank;
10. During the period of stopping production, the main power and air source of the equipment must be disconnected;
11. Please check whether the line is damaged in time, and replace it if it is damaged;
12. The transportation or application of the equipment may cause the screws to loosen;
13. Please check if the pipes of the beverage filling production line are leaking, and if they are damaged, they should be replaced;
14. The beverage filling machine tank is filled with the solution, is it prepared according to the proportion, whether the chlorine dioxide box exceeds the specified time, and if it exceeds the specified time, it needs to be replaced.

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