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8 Characteristics Of Soda Production Line

15 10 月, 2021

The soda production line combines three parts of cleaning, filling, and bottle sealing on one body. The whole process is automated, and it is suitable for filling soda, cola and other carbon dioxide-containing beverages. The soda filling machine is made of high-quality SUS304 raw materials, and the main components are processed by CNC lathes.
The carbonated beverage produced by the soda production line is a product filled with carbon dioxide gas under a certain standard, and the carbon dioxide content (volume ratio at 20°C) of the finished product is not less than 2.0 times. Carbonated beverages are divided into juice-based carbonated beverages, low-sugar type carbonated beverages, Coca-Cola type carbonated beverages, low-fat carbonated beverages and other types of carbonated beverages.
1. The equipment of the soda production line adopts the air duct and the bottle feeding wheel to transmit data technology and the full line card short board wireless communication technology.
2. The high-speed line adopts the bottle clamp wireless communication technology, which makes the bottle shape change more convenient and quick, and the cabinet countertops in the internal work of the generator set are more simple and beautiful.
3. The three-in-one generator set has three processes of bottle washing, filling and sealing at one time. The bottle damage is small, the transmission system is accurate and stable, and the bottle type is convenient and quick to disassemble and replace.
4. The uniquely designed all-stainless steel plate washer bottle clamp in the soda production line is firm and durable, and does not touch the position of the outer thread of the bottle stopper to avoid secondary pollution of the bottle stopper.
5. Pressure-bearing hydraulic cylinder, high-speed line adopts annular hydraulic cylinder.
6. High-speed large-flow isobaric filling valve, faster filling speed, accurate liquid level without liquid loss.
7. All parts in contact with liquid are made of high-quality stainless steel plates or food-grade rubber products, which conform to China’s food hygiene and safety regulations.
8. The bottle bottom backing plate of the bottle output wheel adopts a spiral lowering method, and it is not necessary to adjust the height-to-width ratio of the bottle conveying chain when changing the bottle type in the soda production line.

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