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Solutions To Common Faults Of Packaging Machines

18 1 月, 2022

1. Part of the film guide groove is faulty

The film cannot bite into the upper pillow packer heat roll, or come off the heat roll, or have misaligned ends.
Reason 1: The center of film, guide groove, longitudinal sealing roller and horizontal sealing roller are not in a straight line.
Reason 2: The film guide groove is too inclined.
Reason 3: The speed of the eccentric sprocket of the horizontal sealing heat roller is abnormal.
Adjustment method 1: Roll up the vertical sealing pillow packaging machine and turn the adjusting knob to the right to increase the pressure, and the thickness of the film will be stretched. It should be noted that the seal cannot be sealed if it is stretched too much.
Adjustment method 2: reduce the pressure of the longitudinal heat sealing roller, the film cannot be clamped in if the pressure is too large, and it may be extruded.
Adjustment method 3: The clamping amount of the longitudinal sealing roller is more than usual, generally 10MM should be clamped in 7MM.
Adjustment method 4: If the two ends are still uneven through the above adjustment of the pillow packaging machine, bend the film beyond the guide groove on the side to bend it inward.
Adjustment method 5: There is an error in the center line of the film guide groove, and the manufacturing defect should be replaced.

2. The cutter part is faulty

(1) The film cannot be cut:
Reason 1: The gap between the moving knife and the fixed knife is not adjusted properly.
Adjustment method: There are two short tightening screws on the outside of the fixed knife, and two long pressing screws on the outside of the fixed knife. When the blade of the moving knife is close to the fixed knife, the film is cut by the grinding of the two knives. The gap between the blades of the two pillow-type packaging machines is preferably 1/100mm. When adjusting, clamp the film by hand to cut it while adjusting, and the cutter clutch should be disengaged when adjusting.
Reason 2: The cutting blade is damaged and small with a whetstone grinding, and the large damage is repaired with a grinder.
Reason 3: Poor installation of the cutter, poor clutch clutch of the cutter, and disengagement of the positioning key.
Solution: Carefully check all parts and re-tighten them.

3. Failure of horizontal sealing heat roller: poor sealing

Cause: Poor thermal regulation, insufficient or uneven pressure on the push spring.
Adjustment method: The appropriate pressure and temperature should be selected according to the thickness and type of the packaging materials used. If the sealing temperature is too high, the seal will be white, and the packaging film at the seal will be easily peeled off. The pressure of each heat-sealing roller depends on the push spring For adjustment, the temperature of the roller is controlled by the temperature controller to control the heating rod temperature. There are pressure adjustment buttons on the left and right of the horizontal sealing roller, and each adjustment button is composed of a push-pillow packaging machine button and a pull button. Using push buttons and pull buttons, there are two adjustment buttons on the horizontal sealing heat roller to prevent uneven lateral force for adjustment.

4. Failure of the turntable part

(1) The packaged material is mixed into the heat-sealed part.
Reason 1: The bagging time is not coordinated with the heat sealing time
Solution: The double gear is connected to the turntable gear. Push the double gear upward to change the meshing so that the material does not fall down during sealing. Don’t change it easily after adjusting properly.
Reason 2: The packaging speed is too fast, the material falling time is long, and the packaging speed is appropriately reduced.
(2) The unloading time has been adjusted, and it is abnormal again.
Reason: The turntable is not fixed properly, the keys and fixing screws are loose, or the fixing position is wrong, and the shutters in the turntable are not properly opened and closed.
Repair and adjustment: Fix the turntable in the correct position of the pillow packing machine, and re-fix the keys and screws. After adjusting the opening and closing mechanism of the shutter to the correct position, fix the shutter. In addition, when loading powders with very small particles or mixtures with extremely different specific gravity, it takes a long time for bagging, which causes the powder particles to bite into the sealing part. It should be suitable for the properties of the packaged material.

5. Electrical failure

(1) The current of the heat sealing roller is too large or the fuse is blown
Reason: There is a short circuit in the electric heater or a short circuit in the heat sealing circuit.
(2) The heat sealing roller is not hot
Reason: One heating wire is blown, the second fuse is blown, and the third temperature control is faulty. At this time, different temperatures are set, and the traffic light does not jump.
(3) The temperature cannot be controlled automatically, and the temperature is too high
The first reason is that the thermocouple is in poor or damaged contact with the roller, and the second reason is that there is a fault inside the temperature controller.
(4) The photoelectric position is not the standard of pillow packing machine
Reason 1: The fuse of the controller is broken, or there is a fault inside.
Reason 2: The wrapping paper is not installed properly, so that the center of the competition does not pass through the center of the photoelectric head aperture.
Reason 3: There is dirt on the photoelectric head.
Reason 4: The sensitivity knob is not adjusted properly.

6. Failure of the organization itself

(1) Some institutions cannot be activated:
Reason 1: The motor and the wiring are disconnected: connect the disconnection, if the motor is faulty, the motor should be replaced.
Reason 2: The fuse is blown: replace the fuse with the same amperage value.
Reason 3: The connecting screws and keys of the gears are loose: To re-tighten the loose screws and keys, start from the motor and check according to the transmission sequence.
Reason 4: Foreign objects fall into the gears and other rotating parts. At this time, the motor makes an abnormal noise. If it is not handled in time, the motor will be easily burned and the foreign objects will be taken out.
Reason 5: The foreign body falls into the cutting knife of the pillow packaging machine, and the two blades are too tight: Take out the foreign body. When the two blades are too tight, the gap should be appropriately increased.
(2) The horizontal sealing heat roller does not rotate
Reason: The bearing part of the heat roller is not filled with oil, which causes burning and locking, and the gear fixing lock ring and key are disengaged: oil should be injected into the heat roller, and the gear lock ring and key should be re-tightened.

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