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Operation of Juice Production Line

20 1 月, 2022

The juice production line adopts the professional micro-negative pressure gravity filling principle, which is fast, stable and accurate in filling. It is equipped with a sound material return system, and it can also return air independently during return, without contacting the material, reducing the secondary pollution of the material. and oxidation. It is suitable for the production of various types of fruit juice, fruit wine, mineral water, purified water and other non-carbonated beverages in polyester bottles. It can rinse, fill and seal on one machine.
Application method of juice production line:
(1) Before starting, check whether the disinfectant liquid level, power supply, and air pressure are normal. Use manual mode to check whether each solenoid valve cylinder is in good condition, whether the action is normal, whether the rotation of each water pump is correct, and whether the air is discharged. If abnormal conditions are found, production can only be carried out after troubleshooting.
(2) During production, cleaning, disinfection, filling, capping, and capping are fully automatic, without human influence, but the operator must closely check the dynamics of each part, find problems, and turn the manual automatic switch to manual in time to prevent Unexpected events occur. When the position of the chain is wrong, the main shaft is pushed out manually, and then the chain is pushed to the normal position. Disinfectant should be added in time during operation to prevent the water pump from idling and burning the seal.
(3) After the production is completed, the residual liquid in the pipeline should be drained off, all roads and water sources should be disconnected, and the power supply should be turned off.
(4) It should be noted that in order to prevent electric shock, the machine must be well grounded. Please equip the liquid reinforced nylon with a power socket with a ground wire. After the power switch is turned off, some circuits in the electrical control still have voltage, so be sure to unplug the power cord when overhauling the control circuit.
The water treatment of the juice production line can remove rust and prevent corrosion and damage. After preventive treatment, the service life of the equipment can be doubled.

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