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How To Maintain And Repair The Mineral Water Production Line?

18 9 月, 2021

Mineral water production lines are now widely used in major drinking water production workshops. Although this type of equipment is very useful, if it is not maintained in time, it will also cause the production line to malfunction. Today I will briefly introduce how to maintain and repair such production lines.
First, disconnect the circuit breaker or unplug the power plug during maintenance and inspection to avoid electric shock, burns and injuries during spot inspection.
Second, during maintenance, the pressure of the compressed air of the filling machine should be zero. It must be determined that the pressure has dropped to zero before disassembling and disassembling the components on the compressed air side.
Third, try to run the three-phase motor to ensure the correct direction of operation and to ensure the pressure and flow of compressed air.
Mineral water production line
Fourth, check whether each motor, bearing, etc. need to be lubricated. No oil-free operation is prohibited. The machine can be turned on after it is normal. In addition, observe whether the fasteners of each part are loose. application.
Fifth, before starting the mineral water production line, carefully check whether there is water in all the water tanks, whether the chain plates are jammed, whether there is dirt on the conveyor belt, whether there are bottle caps in the lid storage box, whether the water source, power source, and air source are It is not connected. After each condition is ready, turn on the main power QF again, the power indicator light is on, the fault warning light and emergency stop indicator light are off, then the starting conditions are met, press the start button on the control box and start at the filling point Switch, after three buzzer warnings, the whole equipment starts to run, and enters the fully automatic working mode of washing, rinsing, and filling. When shutting down, you can press the stop button at the filling place and the control box, and the main power supply should be turned off after shutting down.
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