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5 Things To Do When Applying Mineral Water Filling Machine

16 9 月, 2021

At this stage, mineral water filling machines have become popular in the market, but the losses caused by the unreasonable application process have brought great losses to many beverage manufacturers. Next, we will introduce the application of this type of equipment. What to pay attention to.
1. When disassembling and cleaning this kind of equipment, it is not allowed to flush with water directly. If water pipes, water guns and other instruments are used to flush the equipment, if the water source enters the inside of the equipment, it is likely to cause the equipment to age faster, weaken its performance, and easily crash. If there is a need to clean the mineral water filling machine, the remaining products in the machine should be cleaned up, and then the tank should be filled with neutral cleaning liquid. It is recommended to use warm water, if necessary, soapy water, alcohol and other cleaning fluids can also be used.
2. If the injection nozzle overflows, press the safety emergency stop switch. After the equipment stops, take out the injection nozzle and check for damage. If damaged, the injection nozzle can be replaced. Prevent waste of materials and ensure the cleanliness of the workshop.
3. When the cylinder is ejected and cannot be returned due to unreasonable operation, do not press the safety button recklessly. When the equipment cylinder is ejected and cannot be returned, the production should be suspended for 1-2 minutes to check whether the equipment is malfunctioning or crashing. If the mineral water filling machine fails during production, the staff presses the emergency stop switch. It may cause chaos inside the device, clear all previous settings. May delay production efficiency.
4. Pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment after application. Before the piston equipment is cleaned, the remaining products should be cleaned up, and then the tank should be filled with neutral cleaning fluid. The cylinder has been lubricated before leaving the factory, please do not open or add any lubricating oil to ensure its surface is clean and sanitary, and cut off the power when it is not working.
5. In addition, while insisting on maintaining and correctly applying the mineral water filling machine, it is also necessary to conduct inspections and adjustments on time. Only in this way can the equipment work normally and stably.
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