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    The Pure water filling machine is mainly used for filling plastic bottles such as Pure water, domestic water and mineral water.  It is an automatic intelligent cooperative generator set integrating washing, filling and sealing, with compact structure, sound automatic control system, convenient operation and high automation level.
    The pure water filling machine can generally be used for filling water in plastic bottles such as pure water, drinking water, mineral water, etc. It is a fully automatic intelligent equipment integrating cleaning, filling and sealing. It has a compact structure and an automatic control system. It has the characteristics of perfection, convenient operation process and high level of automation. The equipment has compact design, beautiful appearance, complete functions, strong adaptability, convenient maintenance during operation, and continuous adjustment of production.
    The pure water filling machine has beautiful appearance, clean appearance and good practicability. The whole equipment is made of stainless steel, which meets food hygiene and safety standards. High-speed operation efficiency, bottled water mineral water production equipment can perform cleaning, filling and sealing of many bottles together. The system uses electric and pneumatic hybrid transmission to make the transmission more stable, and the cleaning, filling and sealing are fully automated. Ensure that each one has no shortcomings such as pores, and the quality of filling and sealing is safe and stable.
    The pure water filling machine mainly includes several parts such as water treatment system, blowing equipment, filling equipment, and packaging equipment. Mineral water comes naturally from deep underground or is uncontaminated underground mineral water that has been artificially exposed, which contains a certain amount of mineral elements that are beneficial to the human body. When the water treatment system is equipped, it is necessary to consider removing the debris, color, smell, microbial strains, bacteria and viruses, reducing the hardness of the water quality, and preserving the content of minerals.

    Features of pure water filling machine

    1. The whole process is automatically controlled, and mineral water and pure water can be filled with polyurethane material bottles and plastic bottles;
    2. The bottle shape adjustment of each part is realized by rotating the rocker, which is easy and convenient;
    3. The filling method of the pure water filling machine: the new type of micro-pressure filling is used to make the filling rate faster and more stable.

    Pure water filling machine description

    The photoelectric detection system of pure water filling equipment has the advantages of high automation and easy operation. On this basis, the filling part of the filler machine can be changed to form a low vacuum filling mode. The pure water bottling machine is suitable for the production of pure water, mineral water, drinking water, PET bottled water and so on. Its sealing mode can be equipped with metal anti-theft cap and plastic cap. Pure water filling production line is an ideal equipment for beverage manufacturers.

    Pure water filling system technical parameter

    Model Yield Power Size Weight
    CGF14-12-5 3000-4000 (B/H) 5 Kw 2200*1560*2300MM 3000 Kg
    CGF18-18-6 5000-6000(B/H) 5 Kw 2250*1670*2300MM 3500 Kg
    CGF24-24-8 8000-10000(B/H) 6 Kw 2800*1800*2300MM 5000 Kg
    CGF32-32-10 12000-15000(B/H) 8 Kw 4300*3500*2300MM 7000 Kg
    CGF40-40-12 15000-18000(B/H) 12 Kw 4600*3800*2300MM 10000 Kg
    CGF50-50-12 18000-25000(B/H) 15 Kw 5000*4200*2300MM 12000 Kg
    CGF60-60-15 25000-36000(B/H) 18 Kw 5500*4500*2300MM 15000 Kg

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    Pure Water Filling Machine Pure Water Filling Machine Pure Water Filling Machine

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