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  • High Quality Cooling water Machine Manufactures For Carbonated Beverage System

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    Cooling water machine of Carbonated beverage pretreatment system,We are high quality chiller products manufactures.

    • Specifications


    Carbonated beverage pretreatment equipment uses the method of chiller flow, adopts external equilibrium expansion holidays, temperature adjustment coverage, automatic control system for total refrigerant flow, automatic control system for generator set flow, and good efficiency level, which is in line with the details widely used in the current sales market. The tube throttling contrast has the ultimate advantage.

    Product Description

    The main engine selects the compressor, built-in safety protection, low noise, power saving and durable.
    The electrical part adopts the original products of international brands such as LG, Fuji, Schneider, etc., with stable work and long service life.
    The water chiller adopts steel impervious water pump with large flow, high efficiency and long life.
    Equipped with imported precision digital display temperature controller, it can accurately control water temperature ± 1 ℃, set temperature range of 5 ℃ – 35 ℃, and can be adjusted arbitrarily.
    Air-cooled chiller condenser finned, Brass threaded sleeve, Design reasonable, good effect of heat transfer. Cooling air-cooled unit cold row, by ranks of finned and copper tubes composition, Using secondary flanging finned tube technology and advanced mechanical expansion heat exchanger production line when making, Ensure quality and efficient.
    Throttling mode are used to control external equalizer thermal expansion valve, A wide range of temperature adjustment, automatic refrigerant flow control unit running very stable, optimal energy efficiency. Compared with the current market commonly used capillary restriction, It has the incomparable superiority. When conditions such as ambient temperature, the required water temperature, heat load and other changes, Capillary can not self-regulation, then cooling capacity decreased, At the same time may cause the compressor discharge temperature is too high, or decrease lubrication fluid strike, Directly affect the service life of the unit, serious cooling system does not work.
    Electrostatic spraying shell Europeanization design, elegant, form an outer plate with quick disassembly, easy to use and maintain.

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    High Quality Cooling water Machine Manufactures For Carbonated Beverage System

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