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    • Specifications

    Automatic 4-head 1500bph Water/Spring/Soda/Beverage/Liquid/Drinking Bottle Sealing Filling Machine Manufacturer
    The automatic filling machine integrates light, machine, electricity and gas, with accurate quantification, high filling accuracy, simple operation and convenient maintenance. The equipment is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, which meets the hygiene requirements. The filling process is isolated from the outside world to ensure the hygienic requirements of the filling. The electrical control adopts Taiwan Delta PLC, French Schneider and other electrical components to accurately control each pneumatic actuator to complete the filling process. The filling method uses the piston self-priming principle, servo Drive high-precision screw rods to drive multiple sets of pistons, no high-position tanks are required, which simplifies the installation process and improves the filling efficiency. It can be widely used in the production characteristics of automatic sauce packaging.
    1. The 7-inch full Chinese color touch screen, terminal display and operation platform, intuitive and simple; greatly facilitate the adjustment of parameters and the test of various functions.
    2. The frequency conversion speed regulation conveying system can be adjusted according to the production speed; (length can be customized according to customer requirements)
    3. The whole machine is made of SUS304 material, with beautiful appearance, high filling accuracy, convenient adjustment, safety, and easy operation.
    4. High-precision piston metering device, accurate and reliable quantification, convenient and quick to adjust the filling volume by numerical control;
    5. Imported sealing device is adopted, and effective anti-drip measures are added to ensure that there is no dripping on site;
    6. The equipment comes with a storage box, which is equipped with stirring, and the pipeline is cleaned independently, which is convenient for cleaning.
    7. The filling head is equipped with a Japanese Panasonic photoelectric system, which can accurately identify the positioning of the filling bottle and realize bottle filling and no bottle filling.
    Technical Parameter
    1. Filling range: 25g
    2. Filling speed: 1500 bottles/hour
    3. Measuring accuracy: ±1%g-±2%g
    4. Rated voltage: 3-phase 380v
    5. Rated power: about 3.2Kw
    6. Circuit system: Taiwan Delta
    7. Working pressure: 0.6~0.8Mpa
    8. Machine weight: about 800kg
    9. Material box capacity: 45~70Kg
    10. Dimensions: 1800×950×2150mm
    ​Detailed Photos
    Filling Part
    4-head Automatic Filling Machine-filling part
    Control Part
    4-head Automatic Filling Machine-control part
    Part Of The Material Box
    4-head Automatic Filling Machine-Part Of The Material Box

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