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Common Faults And Treatment Methods Of Automatic Quantitative Filling Machine

7 4 月, 2022

Nowadays, we believe that there are many bottled products and canned products that we encounter in our daily life. They are not only beautiful, but also provide great convenience for life and enrich our lives. These gains are inseparable from the newly launched products in the market today. Fully automatic quantitative filling machine equipment, this is a product that conforms to the development of the times. It is developed and created in response to market demand. It is widely used in the market and has been recognized by customers. Before use, you must understand the common faults and treatment methods of the automatic quantitative filling machine, so as to better use this automatic quantitative filling machine equipment.
Common faults and treatment methods of automatic quantitative filling machine:
1. After adjusting the digital dial code or unit, the time does not change, then turn off the power and turn it on again.
2. The filling volume is not allowed:
When the automatic quantitative filling machine is filling large sizes, the material tank is not replenished enough, causing the liquid level to be unstable. You can increase the amount of material to be replenished or close the ball valve above the small filling head again, and reset the filling time (longer filling time). material time) slow down the filling speed to solve.
3. The liquid level is stable and the filling amount is inaccurate:
There is debris blocking the filling channel, mainly at the entrance of the trough or in the filling nozzle, check and clean it up.
4. There is dripping after the automatic quantitative filling machine is closed:
4.1 If the orifice of the filling nozzle is damaged, the filling nozzle can be taken out to trim the orifice, and the diameter of the orifice should not be greater than 7.5mm. After repairing the aperture, lightly smooth the aperture plane on the water abrasive paper.
4.2. The ball valve in the filling head is damaged and needs to be replaced.
5. After touching the injection switch, the material will not be filled, and the digital indication LED of the time relay will not flash:
If the injection switch of the automatic quantitative filling machine is damaged or the base of the time relay is loose, replace the injection switch of the same type or press the base of the time relay tightly.

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