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The Difference Between Automatic Packaging Machine And Semi-automatic Packaging Machine

20 4 月, 2022

The essential machine in the food packaging industry is the carton sealer, which can pack quickly and save time. Some factories will struggle to buy automatic or semi-automatic when purchasing a carton sealing machine, so what is the difference between these two kinds of carton sealing machines? Let me popularize it today.

1. Difference between box sealing

The fully automatic machine can realize the action of upper and lower sealing at one time, and use the sticky tape to seal the carton, which is economical and fast. The key is to enhance the image of the product and obtain more benefits for the enterprise.
The semi-automatic machine requires the staff to automatically adjust according to the different sizes of the boxes, which is simple and clear to operate but is labor-intensive. Suitable for small batch production and processing.

2. Application scenarios

Semi-automatic can be used in dairy products, food processing, oils, skin care products, beverages, and other production and processing fields
Fully automatic can be used for carton sealing in various fields such as electrical products, textiles, daily chemical products, food processing, light industry, medical drugs, chemical industry, etc. or missing equipment.

3. Product Features

1. The semi-automatic carton sealing machine cannot be automatically matched according to the size of the carton, which is more labor-intensive;
2. The automatic sealing machine has a long service life and the sealing technology has matured;
3. The automatic sealing machine has low noise, high efficiency and easy adjustment;
4. The automatic sealing machine is easy to maintain and maintain, durable, and the sealing is beautiful and generous.

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