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    • Specifications

    High Speed Automatic Food Check Weigher Industrial Weight Checker For Packaging Line
    Processing Equipment
    1.CNC lathe and machining center, effectively ensure the machining accuracy and consistency of parts, good interchangeability.
    2.CNC bending machine — to ensure the accuracy of complex workpiece and the consistency of large quantities of workpiece.
    3.Automatic CNC laser cutting machine — all precision and irregular shaped sheet materials are processed on this machine.
    4.Turning, milling, planing, grinding, boring, drilling, bending plate, welding equipment, can meet the needs of most beverage machinery parts processing.
    5.Sandblasting equipment, sandblasting on carbon steel and its welding parts before painting, can remove the internal stress and increase paint adhesion.
    6.Use of high-precision blanking process, conducive to the comprehensive implementation of computer-aided manufacturing, to ensure quality, work efficiency.
    Quality Control
    1.All products are fully realized CAD computer-aided design.
    2.Parts are specially equipped with parts turnover boxes during each process from processing to assembly, so that the whole turnover process of parts does not fall to the ground.
    3.Main components such as filling valve and capping head are processed on CNC lathe and machining center, and assembled in special assembly room to ensure assembly accuracy and cleanliness of components.
    4.Accessories of the products are all products of world famous brands and domestic famous brands.
    5.Before leaving the factory, each machine shall go through uninterrupted operation test. After passing the inspection, it is allowed to be delivered to users.
    6.Main technology of the equipment comes from Germany, France and Italy.
    Technological Innovation
    1.Adopt stainless steel platform through hole tensile structure, with O sealing ring, so that all the bearing seat and support shaft on the platform easy to leakage leakage may be reduced to zero.Overcomes the corrosion of bearing by disinfectant penetration.
    2.Bottle turnover clamp stick the bottleneck, to avoid the pollution on the thread part of the bottle mouth.The bottle clamp is made of stainless steel, which is sanitary and durable.
    3.Adopt the lifting mechanism of the flushing nozzle, and the nozzle is inserted into the center of bottle mouth for washing, so that the washing effect can reach the best and the consumption of pure water can be reduced to the greatest extent.
    Technical Parameter

    Model XM-210
    Single weighing range ≤200g
    Weighing accuracy range ±0.05g~ ±0.1g
    minimum scale 0.01g
    transfer speed 15~60m/min
    top speed 100 pcs/min
    Weighing material size ≤150mm (L) *100mm (W)
    Weighing platform conveyor belt size 250mm (L) *120mm (W)
    Product Size 900mm (L) *500mm (W) *1250mm (H)
    Operation direction Facing the machine, enter left and exit right
    External air source 0.6-1Mpa
    Air pressure interface Φ8mm
    working environment Temperature: -15℃~60℃, Humidity: 85%
    Body material SUS304

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