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Solutions For Soda Production Lines

23 3 月, 2022

There are many kinds of equipment mainly included in the treatment plan of soda production line. The raw water used in beverages is prepared by purified water after water treatment. Among them, the CO2 in a certain carbonated beverage is easy to cause chemical reaction with O3, so an ultraviolet sterilization lamp can be used.
The soda water production line cannot use water with high strength as a soft drink or cooling water without treatment, otherwise it will cause a large amount of dirt, so it must be softened before use to reduce the hardness of the source water. Among them, reverse osmosis filtration can treat more than 90% of soluble salts and more than 98% of colloids, microbial strains, low profits and organic substances in water, and the desalination rate is often 97%~98%, so the desalination rate can be Complies with the purity requirements of most industries for water.
The entire process of the soda production line also causes reactions in the enclosed space. The equipment is used to produce large or small bottles of carbonated water to prepare beverages. After the initial stage beverage is produced, the oxygen in the beverage is first degassed by a soda mixer, and the initial syrup and water are mixed.
After the water pump, the mixed material is expanded by a spray method, so that it is fully mixed with carbon dioxide to produce a saturated carbonated beverage. The more common beverages are Pepsi Cola, half sugar, old soda, sparkling soda and other beverages
The sugar melting pot of the soda water processing equipment uses a boiler to heat up steam, or an electric sugar pot can be used for sugar melting. After continuous stirring in a high temperature environment, if the sugar used is not very pure, it needs to be equipped with a syrup filter. Filtration is carried out so that the beverage is of high quality and tastes good.

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